Our Values

Lifesaver attache to barge railing

Our mission is to create long-term customer value by providing the safest, most comprehensive marine transportation services.


Each area of operations — River, Gulf-Inland, and Offshore — began as a family-owned and operated business. We came together under one name, one team, and one direction so we could provide seamless marine transportation to our customers. Years after joining forces, our family culture continues, extending across all the waters we run.


We embrace safe practices and behaviors in every facet of the business.

Customer Partnerships

We build trust with our customers by delivering upon our promises and meeting every challenge with timely, cost-effective, innovative solutions.

Passion for Our Work

We are passionate about service, personal responsibility, business integrity, and each other’s successes.

Respect and Honor

We demonstrate respect and honor for our customers, the environment, and each other.

Marquette Transportation Careers

We are always seeking qualified candidates in search of a job in the marine transportation industry. See what jobs are currently available.